Young Sustainability Ambassadors

How does it work – the nitty gritty

The Young Sustainability Ambassador program seeks out young professionals working, volunteering, or researching in sustainability to receive personal and professional leadership and communications development training.

The Young Sustainability Ambassador program also seeks to connect with experienced mentors from the community of interest – Landcare Legends, who are actively working on existing projects of impact in sustainability via the Landcare movement to connect with the Young Sustainability Ambassadors and also develop skills in communication and story telling which speaks to youth.

Young Sustainability Ambassadors and Landcare Legends go through a series of modules which build skills and capacity around high impact communication and leadership, tools which are used to inspire a broader audience, but in particular, a younger generation of primary and secondary school students.


3 Modules of Impact

Module 1

Introductory workshop series – getting ready to “talk sustainability and Global Goals”

Module 1 brings together Young Sustainability Ambassadors and Landcare Legends to develop basic skills in communication and story telling. This involves crafting your story, designing an effective presentation and knowing your audience to inspire change. It will also introduce the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development and how the program aims to educate on global issues – local action.

Module 2

Taking the talk to the next level

Here Young Sustainability Ambassadors and Landcare Legends get access to high level communications and media training so that their messages can appeal to multiple generations and target audiences they want to impact.

Module 3

Being the change you want to see – preparing for personal impact

The final module closes the loop on inspiring change, to preparing to make change happen. This module equips Young Sustainability Ambassadors and Landcare Legends to take what they are already inspired by and/or doing to a new level. This can be anything from engaging politicians, communicating on a bigger level, strategic campaigning, and how to co-design and deliver an on-ground project with youth.

The three modules equip Young Sustainability Ambassadors and Landcare Legends with the tools and skills they need to effectively inspire a younger generation to understand, design, act and lead on sustainability issues that they see as important to them.

How Kreative Koalas fits in

The Kreative Koalas program is an integrated program which engages primary and secondary school students in sustainability awareness, understanding and action through art, design, creativity and teamwork by:

  • Pairing each school with identified and trained Young Sustainability Ambassador who will share their journey and engage the students throughout the duration of the project.
  • Connecting Landcare Legends in the community who hold the knowledge, wisdom and experience to assist the students to learn about long-term conservation projects which are already contributing to improving the environment and addressing global issues.
  • Supporting and empowering young people to co-create a project that they design, own and deliver either in-school or out in the community with their intergenerational mentors.
  • Providing a vehicle for students to communicate what they learn in fun and creative ways to a broader online audience
  • Providing a blank fibreglass koala for students to create an artwork on or to use as the subject of an artwork which focuses on a sustainability theme
  • Supplying Matisse paints.

Youth led youth driven community action

The Kreative Koala program model will enable young people to develop and strengthen team work, communication, leadership and decision making skills.

The Young Sustainability Ambassadors and Landcare Legends will work together to create presentations with key sustainability messages linked to the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development and put them into a regional context which they will take into local schools.

This process will be guided through facilitated public speaking and communications training and peer to peer learning.

They will also be trained in effective project design and delivery which they will then apply when working with local schools to develop their community projects.

The school students will work together in groups to develop content which communicates the learning outcomes.

Students will communicate their learnings in the form of art on a fiberglass Koala as part of the Kreative Koalas – Connecting the Conservation Conversation art competition.

They will also co-design with YSAs and Landcare Legends, a community sustainability project that they want to deliver in school or in the community. Here they will gain project design, decision-making, event management, and leadership skills.

Apply Now

Applications are currently being sought for the Illawarra and Northern Shoalhaven 2017 launch of the program.

Applications close March 31