Our Ambassadors

Oliver Batten

“I believe knowledge is power. Through quality education we can turn every-day interactions into opportunities that inspire sustainable actions…”

Happily nicknamed Oly, I was lucky enough to be born and raised on the beautiful far south coast on a rural property just outside the small town of Cobargo. Surrounded by bush and being close to the ocean, I have always been interested in immersing myself in the outdoors in whatever capacity I can.

I have always played recreational and competitive sport with some of my hobbies being surfing, hiking, rock climbing and quite literally running around outside with my mates. Having grown up with four siblings on a rural property with limited electricity and no computer games, I am thankful to say that my childhood was spent climbing trees, swimming in the dam and grazing my knees. I think this is where my true passion for the outdoors and the environment developed.
I have been based in Wollongong for a little over four years now and have recently graduated from the University of Wollongong with a Bachelor of Commerce (Tourism Management Major, International Studies Minor).

I have just recently started a new position at UOW as the Student Programs Officer whereby my primary focus will be assisting international students with their transition into university in Australia, as well as becoming the Head Chef of Hidden Harvest, a not-for-profit organisation that aims at educating people on food waste and sustainability.

I have always taken the time to stop, admire and appreciate my surroundings, whether it be a breathtaking sunrise or a crystal clear ocean. It wasn’t until I grew up and was privileged enough to have an amazing education and be surrounded by inspiring friends that I realised how important this environment that we have is. Although I would like to think that I am passionate about the overall concept of sustainability, over the years I have become particularly passionate about the sustainability concepts of quality education and climate action.

I believe knowledge is power. Through quality education we can turn every-day interactions into opportunities that inspire sustainable actions to be set in place to improve society’s future prospects. With education we can also empower people to take the action that is needed to improve our climate and live sustainable lifestyles. This of course also links in with many of the other UN Sustainable Development Goals such as ‘Sustainable Cities and Communities’ and ‘ Responsible Production and Consumption’.

I am super pumped to be a Young Sustainability Ambassador and to have the opportunity to not only learn and develop my own ideas on sustainable initiatives, but engage and share these concepts with others! I am excited to be empowered by the program and to learn from the inspiring people who I will be surrounded with. For me, this opportunity is one short-term goal closer to my long-term goal of becoming a sustainability ambassador on a global scale. One day I hope to develop my own business that embodies creative, innovative and sustainable solutions to enhance the life and well-being of those in less fortunate communities.