Our Ambassadors

Daniel Simpson

“The opportunity to pass on skills and start the ‘sustainability conversation’ is what excites me to be a Young Sustainability Ambassador!”

My name is Dan Simpson and I am a fifth year civil and environmental engineer, studying at the University of Wollongong. I grew up on beautiful south coast of NSW in a small town by the name of Central Tilba. Growing up on the coast I was fortunate enough to spend time engaged in activities that my local environment had to offer. Surfing, fishing, diving and hiking among favourites!

Nowadays I’m still out in the water at every opportunity whilst enjoying getting out into nature via hiking and a new-found pastime in climbing.

Areas of sustainability I work closely with are:

Waste reduction: From food waste at a domestic level to construction and demolition waste from a larger engineering perspective waste reduction is something I’m passionate about.

Implementation of circular economy principles through upcycling etc. are creative ways of reducing waste.

Taking 3 for the sea and picking up rubbish is undeniably also one of my hobbies.

Engineering in developing nations: I have a strong connection with several of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through some of my work in developing nations.

Recently on a trip to Rwanda with a team of multidisciplinary engineers I helped design and construct a water supply system for a rural community.

Sustainable buildings: I am an active member of Team UOW which is entering the 2018 Solar Decathlon in the Middle East. The competition engages university students to holistically design a net zero energy, sustainable building. With housing a prominent issue in society, sustainability within our domestic dwellings will be crucial leading into the future.

Renewable energy: Australia is one of the most solar and wind rich countries in the world, making us the perfect candidate to lead the transition to dominant renewable energy production. As an environmental engineer and a keen follower of both global and domestic politics, I have a passion for true ‘clean’ energy.

I am stoked to be on board as a Young Sustainability Ambassador.

The involvement of Landcare Legends and the Kreative Koalas program provides an awesome platform for collaborating and cultivating knowledge within the team.

The opportunity to pass on skills and start the ‘sustainability conversation’ is what excites me to be a YSA!