Landcare Legends



Funded by the NSW Government, the Young Sustainability Ambassadors program will be launched in the Illawarra and Northern Shoalhaven regions of NSW through 2017.

We are looking for people in the Illawarra and Northern Shoalhaven communities who have been driving change for many years to join the Young Sustainability Ambassadors Program as mentors and inspiring role models for change.

We are seeking people in the community who:

  • have been driving change in the community for many years through Landcare / Bushcare, or other sustainability / conservation work
  • are passionate about sharing knowledge and expertise with a younger generation
  • are you passionate about mentoring, supporting and inspiring a younger generation to take action on sustainability in the community
  • Are passionate about sustainability in our community or on a global scale
  • Are willing to share stories to improve their understanding of sustainability on a local and global scale
  • Are interested in being trained to speak confidently and charismatically to school students, the public, media, peers and across generations
  • Are living in the Illawarra* or northern Shoalhaven regions and are able to complete all program modules, school visits and communication touch points

We recognise the absolute value of our long-term volunteers and leaders in the community, and acknowledge the wealth of knowledge, expertise, and access to mentorship opportunities these people provide to a younger generation.

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