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Funded by the NSW Government, the Young Sustainability Ambassadors program will be launched in the Illawarra and Northern Shoalhaven regions of NSW through 2017.

We are calling for Expressions of Interest from young professionals, students or volunteers passionate about sustainability, and community members who have been working on local projects for a number of years to apply to take part in the Young Sustainability Ambassadors program as either Young Sustainability Ambassadors or Landcare Legends.


The Young Sustainability Ambassadors program is a unique intergenerational professional development and communications program which provides select participants with high quality training that can be applied to many aspects of community, government and media engagement, career development, and many aspects of life.

The program provides training in the following:

  • Public speaking
  • Crafting your story powerfully
  • Media training
  • Communicating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Leadership development
  • Networking
  • Co-designing community projects for impact
  • Intergenerational communication


The program will focus on communicating personal stories as well as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with a particular focus on Goals 7, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15.


Young Sustainability Ambassadors and Landcare Legends will work with local schools participating in the Kreative Koalas program (an exciting new arts and multimedia education program) in the Illawarra and Northern Shoalhaven regions of NSW.

The Kreative Koalas program aims to inspire and educate a younger generation of school students to investigate local and global sustainability issues, and reflect on ways of creating change for a sustainable future through art and multimedia. The program encourages sustainability conversations, and empowers school students to design and deliver a community project for impact.

What we need you to commit to

To be eligible to complete the Young Sustainability Ambassadors program as a YSA or Landcare Legend, you are required to attend the workshop series  and school visits as part of the program, ceremonies and other key dates are optional.

Please check your availability against the following program dates.

Workshop series

5 Wollongong-based weekend workshops

  • 2 day weekend workshop 20-21 May
  • 2 day weekend workshop 17-18 June
  • 1 day (weekend day) workshop 22 July

As well as

  • A number of school visits (see application forms for more details) – this is negotiable with your appointed school(s)
  • A number of communication touch points with your appointed school(s) to ensure they are well supported and on track with their projects.
  • Your time to assist with a community project you co-design with the students (commitment negotiable depending on the school community project).

Other key dates

The below events are not compulsory, but it would make the whole program way cooler if you could attend!

  • We will be hosting a launch event in June where you will meet and mingle with the schools that will be part of the program. This will be a fantastic opportunity to meet teachers and potentially some of the students you will be working with as part of the program. Date and venue TBC. Think cocktail party, meets deep discussion, meets mingling with your fellow program mates, and the community you aim to inspire.
  • The program will close with a regional celebration and awards ceremony (with a little celebrity appearance from some big names in the sustainability game), bringing together all of the students, teachers, Landcare Legends and Young Sustainability Ambassadors to celebrate the results and achievements of the program. This will be in late October or early November. Date and venue TBC.


Applications closed on the 31st of March. We are no longer accepting applications for this program.

Young Sustainability Ambassadors 

Landcare Legends


If you have any questions about the program or an application to become a YSA or Landcare Legend, please contact Megan Rowlatt on or 0412 532 817.