A little background info

Picture You in Agriculture under the banner of Art4Agriculture have been delivering the schools based program The Archibull Prize, and the professional development program The Young Farming Champions for eight years in schools in the eastern states of Australia

The programs are a highly successful model generating a new culture of education, community and business and agricultural industry engagement to create a better understanding between young people and farmers. This is achieved this by developing a cohort of young people as agricultural youth ambassadors and sending them into schools as part of our suite of in school engagements programs to start and shape conversations, promote partnerships and drive change to co-create the bright future every Australian deserves future.

The youth ambassadors’ stories are spread into the community via the family and friends of the students they interact with, taking the community on a sustainability journey. By targeting school aged audiences, the benefits of our programs will continue for decades to come.

This successful model opened the door to broadening the Young Farming Champions program to allow a holistic conversation about land management and sustainability in Australia by connecting students and young farmers and a generation of young professionals working in the natural resource management and sustainability space.

A pilot program funded by the Australian Government saw five young natural resource management professionals identified and engaged Young Eco Champions. The Young Eco Champions were trained in communications and public speaking to go into schools with Young Farming Champions and tell their story and at the same time debunking stereotypes about each profession.

“For me it was about exciting the next generation about the industry I work in, sharing my story of how I became involved in natural resource management and how I’m passionate about seeing other young people get involved,”

“Connecting with young farmers was the other big positive experience for me. The program gave a really safe and comfortable space to discuss issues, which is so beneficial. It is a great experience to see how much potential that model has in connecting young professionals.” Megan Rowlatt Young Eco Champion participant in the pilot.

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The Young Sustainability Ambassadors program has been designed to capture the momentum created by, and build on the success of the collaboration between the Young Eco Champions and the Young Farming Champions. The program aims to spread key sustainability messages through trained young professionals who go into schools, and creative ways of learning and inspiring the next generation through the Kreative Koalas program.

Excitingly this program adds another dimension of engagement, and that is with long-term Landcare and other conservation volunteers (Landcare Legends) in the community. This intergenerational engagement model recognises the wealth of knowledge and experience Landcare Legends have in the community who have been part of a grass-roots movement which has been addressing sustainability issues on the ground for over 30 years.

It recognises the role these people of influence can play in further supporting young people in their leadership and sustainability journey.

Picture You in Agriculture has partnered with Intrepid Landcare to deliver this exciting new program.