To empower youth with knowledge and skills in sustainability through intergenerational connection, creative communication, and leadership opportunities, so they can be supported to be the change they want to see in the world.

The Programs

Two signature programs hand in hand

Our two signature programs have been designed and developed to connect and empower community like nothing before.

We connect students to young professionals and young professionals to Landcare Legends in the community to facilitate intergenerational connection, collaboration, knowledge sharing and communication so that high-impact long-lasting outcomes are achieved.

Young Sustainability Ambassadors program

The Young Sustainability Ambassador program aims to empower a generation of young professionals and change-makers working in the sustainability sector, and long-term community leaders – Landcare Legends, working in Landcare and sustainability to craft and deliver powerful stories for change to inspire a younger generation, and develop tools for personal impact on global issues in sustainability.

The Young Sustainability Ambassadors program brings young professionals working in sustainability to connect to a generation of long-term change makers in the community who are taking practical steps towards a more sustainable future through Landcare.

Young Sustainability Ambassadors and Landcare Legends are upskilled in communication and public speaking where they craft their story for impact and inspiration to share with a younger generation, and inspire the broader community.

Kreative Koalas – Design a bright future

The Kreative Koalas program aims to inspire and encourage a younger generation to investigate global and local sustainability issues and reflect on ways of creating change for a sustainable future through art and multimedia. The program allows for conservation and sustainability conversations to be communicated to far-reaching audiences of youth through;

  • school creative arts project
  • a hands on community sustainability project for impact

Both these elements will be part of a multiple school regional community exploration of sustainability issues.

The Kreative Koalas program is an innovative and fun program that provides students and teachers with opportunities to engage in genuine experiences and gain knowledge and skills about the environment they live in.

The Kreative Koalas program matches Young Sustainability Ambassadors, enthusiastic young people passionate about sustainability to each school. The Young Sustainability Ambassadors and Landcare Legends assist the students to follow the journey to sustainable living and creating the change they want to see.

Participating schools will engage in collaborative project-based learning that has a sustainability focus through an art and multimedia approach. Students are mentored by a Young Sustainability Ambassador and a Landcare Legend from the community of interest.

They gain knowledge and skills about how they as individuals and part of a community can co-create a sustainable future together.

The program will encourage students and teachers to have courageous conversations around the following United Nations Global Goals for Sustainability and investigate

  • Life below the water
  • Life on the Land
  • Affordable Clean Energy

and reflect on the appropriate local action to ensure

  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Responsible production and consumption
  • Climate action

The Kreative Koalas program provides the opportunity for students to be part of a team that welcomes their ideas and solutions and take action to tackle these challenges as individuals, as a community and as the future decision-makers for the planet.

Through this program, students are invited to take ownership in helping to design the bright future they want to see.